Native Shoes stays true to its motto of creating “Future Classics” through combining timeless silhouettes and super-light, breathable materials dyed with a technique inspired by the age-old Japanese Shibori method for the special release of their Apollo Hand Dyed limited collection. The staying power of the process may be due to its simplicity. As seen in the photos, the microfiber material of the Apollo upper is rolled up into a cylinder, bound with a string, soaked in a tub of dye, then left to dry. The resulting hue of the fabric exudes character that comes only with a process that boasts more than 1,000 years of continual refinement. The Apollo Hand Dyed collection launches November 1st at our Chinatown, Toronto, West 4th and online shops. 

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Take Five Trading Team Manager and longtime Livestock fam, Bryan Wherry sat down with the Hundreds and gain a bit of insight behind the video, Ian Twa, and Canadian skateboarding as a whole in this interview.

Check out a snippet of the interview here, and check Bryan out in action in the video below:

BRYAN WHERRY: So you’re originally from Calgary – what first brought you to Vancouver and what has kept you here all this time?

Initially, I moved here with my homie Jason Cooper. I was sick of Calgary winters and just wanted to be on the coast. Now that I’ve lived here for 10 years, I don’t know if I could ever go back. During the summer Vancouver is just where I like to be. Going cliff jumping with the homies during the day and skating at night when it cools off.

Read the rest HERE via The Hundreds

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Just in time for K.R.I.T.'s new album "Cadillactica, the Mississippi hip-hop artist is making a stop at our Chinatown shop this Sunday to hang out and say what's up to our customers. The album, due November 11th, is a 15 song "afro-futurist" concept that takes place on the fictional planet named in the title. To take us there, K.R.I.T. has expanded his sonic palette to boldly go wherehis dependable country-rap mixtapes have never gone before. Come through on Sunday, Oct 26th, get a couple pictures, and meet one of the top 10 rising rappers. 

We'll be hanging out at our Chinatown shop, with music and drinks, from 4pm-6pm. Make sure you stop by and check it out. 

Check out BIG K.R.I.T.'s interview with Rolling Sone here and tell your friends about the event below:

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Street Dreams Magazine is a minimalistic canvas that shares the photographic work and stories of artists around the world. With only three issues in, Street Dreams has already received praise from publications like Hypebeast and Highsnobiety. The magazines are also being sold at the New York Public library, and Reed Space. On Thursday, September 25, 2014, there were over 700 people in attendance (including some from different parts of the world) at Reed Space in New York for the release of Street Dreams MagazineIssue 003. Through the overwhelming amount of people in attendance and the disturbance culminated in the release event (it was shut down right after it opened because there were so many people), the founders of the magazine knew that this was something significant. The Hundreds had the pleasure of having a conversation with founders Steven IrbyEric Veloso, and Michael Cobarrubia; check it out below

STILLA: Steve, define lituation for me one time.
STEVEN IRBY: It’s a culmination of several lit things happening at once. Example: You go to the bodega and a chicken cutlet is half off and they give you a free bag of chips and an Arizona because they know you. That’s a lituation.

I was convinced that lituation was already an existing word. I hope it makes it to the dictionary one day. But I digress. So Street Dreams to me sounds like youth, and staying under. What is at the root of Street Dreams?
 The root of Street Dreams for me is a couple of things actually. First aspect is making an even playing field for everyone. There’s a lot of opportunities to be involved with the magazine, including us pulling pictures from the hashtag we promote on Instagram. The other aspect is that we want to bring together the community. It doesn’t make sense for everyone to be on opposite sides of the world – the magazine is the medium for all of us now. Well, at least that’s what we are trying to establish.

ERIC VELOSO: Street Dreams is about getting up everyday and putting your foot to the pavement and striving for your dreams. No matter whether you’re rich or poor, we all walk the same streets and we all dream. This platform is multi-faceted in so many ways, that we truly believe that we haven’t even scratched the surface in terms of the potential of this project. The magazine is literally the tip of the iceberg and we have huge plans for the future of this publication.

For me, what stood out was the features on streetwear/lifestyle websites like Hypebeast and Highsnobiety with barely any issues [under] your belt. I grew up in streetwear, and in the streetwear world, getting that level of recognition is monumental.
EV: I think I can speak for the whole team when I say that we’re all absolutely obsessed with creative culture in every form imaginable. It’s truly inspired inspiration. We definitely were well aware of HB & HS, and when we released issue .002, we concentrated on creating a visual lookbook for the magazine that would catch the attention of those sites, and surely enough they caught on to it.

SI: Back around 2005, I used to post on the Hypebeast message boards all the time. Sometimes I would troll, but for the most part I was always impressed with the overall aesthetic of Hypebeast. Highsnobiety has always been a news source for me in our culture.

So I know Steve is about the film life, and I’m all for being able to physically hold something you create as opposed to everything being digital. It’s a different feeling, isn’t it?
SI: Exactly. Since I’m into street photography especially, shooting it on film makes it way more personal. More raw. It doesn’t force you for perfection like digital. Plus,  shooting film allows you to compose your shots more and take your time to observe whats going on around you. It’s therapeutic for me. Since I have short term memory, I always forget what I take pictures of. So seeing what they are after a couple of weeks is always a pleasant surprise

EV: We grew up in an era where everything was a tangible piece of media. Magazines were the first internet in some ways. When I was a kid, I looked to Thrasher mags and source magazines to know what the current trends were and who were the ones to watch. The walls in my room as a teenager were covered with cutouts from my favorite magazines, Michael Jordan posters and hip hop artists. I listened to tapes ’til they broke and would read the linear notes of CDs over and over again. In a day and age where it feels like every print magazine is going digital, we decided to flip the script and turn the digital into print. With us getting to the point where we can run businesses and make our ideas come to life, we feel as though people want that aesthetic back without even knowing it.

For the rest of the interview head over to the full article on The Hundreds.

And if you're free this Saturday, Oct 18th in Vancouver, come down to The Bottleneck. The crew will be spinning and hanging out all night. See below for event info:

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For our new Chinatown space we worked with local Vancouver designer Lucas Peet to take on the idea of developing a store front which is completely modular and can continually change for different product focuses. From the beginning, we were very open about our ideas and we were both flexible towards getting the best results. This year, Lucas won "Industrial Designer of the Year" for 2014 in Western Living's Magazine. 

The work of Lukas Peet elicits a lot of “I should have thought of that.” Anyone who’s ever hung a chandelier that is supported by one cord yet powered by another eyes Peet’s deceptively simple Rudi light, its sole cord attached seemingly in the casual way cool Europeans throw on a scarf, and thinks, “Now, that’s clever.” Or they look at his industrial, felt-covered Slab series lighting, chic but muted, and think, “That’s a really good idea.” But spend more than a few minutes with the Canmore-raised designer and you realize his goals are less about personal accolades and more about designing objects whose functionality incorporates everything that is needed and almost nothing that isn’t—a product. 

To read the rest of the article on Western Living Magazine click here, and be sure to check our Chinatown shop today for an up close and personal look at his work.

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Welcoming Palace Skateboards into the adidas Originals family.

The first collection from the collab drops at our storefronts, September 27th 2014.

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Our good friend Bryan Espiritu just created some dope visuals for Highsnobiety's "Guide to 24 Hours in Springfield." The series is an extension of Espiritu's original series back in November 2013, showcasing some of the best #outfitgrids in typical Legends League fashion with a knack for illustrations and unique spin of social commentary.  Check out some of the illustrations below, and check out Bryan's clothing brand "The Legends League" here.

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Today Palace Skateboards took the wraps off its latest video, titled “Endless Bummer.” Arriving in typical VHS-inspired fashion, you may think you’re viewing something the mid-’90s. However, the video hit the web just a few hours ago and features clips of Palace skaters Rory Milanes, Lucien Clarke, Charlie Young, Karim Bakhtaoui, Benny Fairfax, Chewy Canon and Danny Brady, as well as some guest appearances. As you may expect, strictly grimy Euro footage made the cut for the 17-minute video.

Check out our Palace Apparel now, and look out for the new collection coming soon.


via Highsnob

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In 2008, illustrated example ({ie) opened as a brick & mortar storefront in the Gastown District. Diverging from Livestock, it was created to break the conventional boundaries of Streetwear through innovative design and high craftsmanship.

Although the retail shop no longer remains, {ie's vision is still clear. We have transformed {ie into a contemporary sportswear collection that embodies our high standards for refined, quality product. Beyond functional designs and premium fabrics, the preservation of integrity for {ie is kept at a high precedence, and should never be compromised.

For every action there is a purpose and with every piece there is a story.
There was nothing unplanned and our momentum from here on out refuses to slow down. 

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At the end of August we proudly opened the doors to our fourth brick and mortar location in the heart of Vancouver's Historic Chinatown.

Recently, things have been changing within our industry mainly with apparel heading into a more technical, contemporary athletic direction, we are very excited about this move as we feel it aligns with our own direction. Over the next few years we want to continue to transform from a premium footwear boutique to a more well rounded holistic lifestyle approach, while continually bringing you the very best in limited and exclusive items. With that in mind as a top priority, we built this new store to host more apparel and accessories, categories that we hadn't taken that seriously in the past.

Conceptualizing the space, owner Gary Bone worked closely with local Vancouver designer Lucas Peet to take on the idea of developing a store front which is completely modular and can continually change for different product focuses. From the beginning, we were very open about our ideas and we were both flexible towards getting the best results. 

After opening our doors in Gastown back in 2004 we have been primarily known as a footwear store, yet we strive to continually evolve into a more well rounded lifestyle boutique. We are happy to be able to host more apparel in our new space, coinciding perfectly with the launch of our own private label, {ie , coming very soon.

Our new Chinatown store front is twice the size of our previous flagship store in Gastown, the main goal was to keep things fresh and versatile with our displays. Lucas came up with three modular racking systems to fit the long narrow space, typical for Vancouver's Chinatown district. He designed footwear, and apparel racks which hang from a rail system - allowing them to be placed along any wall in the space, making for easy changes to the overall look of the wall displays, which are able to host and highlight more apparel and accessories overall.

New to the shop and exclusively found at our Chinatown location is LA based watch brand TSOVET. Tsovet is an independent and superlative strength of efficiency representing the freedom of travel and exploration. Obsessed by the details, Tsovet started making watches that make a lasting impression, something they’ve been doing for a long time. Born and raised in California, the founders have lived in a geographical epicenter that has produced innovative designers and engineers from various creative fields. Their connection and creative contribution inspires Tsovet to explore innovative ways to engineer, develop and build better premium watches by using quartz and automatic movements imported from Switzerland and Japan. Check out the wide selection of Tsovet watches in our Chinatown space and online - TSOVET

With the wall features being interchangeable, Lucas also made the design of the floor tables / racks to be oriented three ways by flipping and rotating them to suit the store's layout and needs at any particular time. Additional features to the walls include a carry over aspect from our Gastown location, that being magnetized shelving.

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Here's a behind the scenes look from Jaques Slades at the Jordan Brand HQ. The event show cased the new Jordan line up for Spring 2015 and told the story of how the upcoming Jordan releases will have a huge jump in quality (and also higher price points.) Let us know what you think about the Jordan change up, and take a look at all the photos below. 

via @kustoo

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We popped by for a quick trip down south to visit the Nike Headquarters in Portland last week to attend a tastemaker event for upcoming seasons. Let's just say there's some great stuff coming at you real soon, with a couple surprises from us. Stay tuned... for now check out a few quick snaps from the trip. 

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Here's a first look at the Nike Foamposite "Triple Black" releasing next Friday, August 29th. Is this the best all black Foam to come out?

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adidas Originals presents part two of its EQT Documentary. For the second and final part of the retrospective look at the past 20 years of the EQT range, the filmmaker makes his way to Blackburn in the north of England to catch up with adidas brand consultant Gary Aspden. The film then heads to Berlin, sitting down for a conversation with collector and connoisseur Marc Leuschner before hitting up the brand’s headquarters in the German capital to gain some insights into the original principles behind the line from footwear designer Jacques Chassaing. Finally, Kazunori Yamada of Undefeated's Tokyo chapter touches on the popularity of the EQT line in Japan.

To add to your adidas Collection, check out some of the selection we have available now here

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We're looking for a talented, visual individual to join our marketing team. This individual will help with our photographer/videographer:

Resizing images, color correction, editing, post production, stand in model, and other various tasks regarding the creative portion.

This will be a full time position in our Vancouver office.

If you're interested, please send your portfolios, resumes, and cover letters to

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adidas Originals has put together a short film dedicated to the adidas EQT models. check out the video from the brand below, and be sure to check back with us for Part 2 coming soon.


In March 1991, adidas launched adidas Equipment — a collection of shoes and sportswear that covered every discipline: from running to football to volleyball.

With new colours, a new logo and an approach to design inspired by Adi Dassler's original approach, the collection had a simple slogan: "The best of adidas." Part 1 of Will Robson-Scott's short film visits Portland to talk to industry legend and adidas Equipment creative director Peter Moore. This first part takes trips to NYC to talk EQT with Jesse Villanueva of ALIFE, Herzogenaurach for a conversation with adidas Originals design director Paul Mittleman and Tokyo to meet with Shigeyuki Kunii from mita sneakers and Blackburn for a chat with world known adidas connoisseur and collector Gary Aspden.

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The Hundreds recently interviewed the designer of our new Chinatown store, Lukas Peet, to shed some light on Livestock's latest project. Here's a excerpt from the interview, click here to read the full interview.

"Owner, Gary Bone decided the time was right to re-define the shop’s presence in Vancouver, and teaming up with Chinatown’s Fortune Sound Club, provided the ultimate opportunity. The result is a four-storey concept that includes the re-designed Livestock boutique, a multipurpose gallery space, a restaurant that may or may not be named Hunger Hut, and of course, Fortune Sound Club."

Our new flagship store will be opening soon in the heart of Chinatown. Stay tuned for more information.

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Straight from the Netherlands, Quality Blanks continues to provide timeless, everyday pieces, made with excellent quality. As with their previous collections this delivery of items is designed entirely in Amsterdam and produced in Portugal, using only premium materials. We recently compiled a lookbook for the brand, highlighting the pieces we are now carrying at Livestock for fall 2014.

Exclusively available to Livestock across Canada, check out the new collection and get your kit in store at all Livestock locations and online now - QUALITY BLANKS - FALL 2014

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David Obadia, co-founder and creative director of Parisian brand, Brooklyn We Go Hard – widely known as BWGH, the umbrella brand of multiple products recently sat down to discuss the processes and influences behind collaborating with PUMA in this Q&A interview. Obadia emphasizes the importance of energy in the collection, using the word as a basis for his choices in materials and styles. He also discusses the contrasts between doing a footwear and apparel collection and what he wants to build for the future. Check out the interview below and check out our selection of the collaboration on the webstore.

via Hypebeast

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